Okay,  all Triathlon Beginners get busy sometimes.

Training compliance should never be set at 100%.  If we do this the temptation to quit is too strong when we fall short of perfection which we inevitably will.  Many experts suggest that a sustained 90% compliance to a training program over time, can work just fine.  It’s much easier on the psyche.

What if you are forced (or tempted) to take a longer time off?  Cardiovascular fitness is measurably worse after two or three weeks off of training.  Sometimes, like in family emergency’s or injuries, decreasing your training is inevitable.

You can maintain your fitness by cross training (training with a different exercise that your body or schedule tolerates), or by training periodically.  Some of your training should be aerobic (make you breath heavy), and it’s important that occasionally your workouts are intense enough that you reach 70% of your V02 Max (pretty hard).

I’ll touch more on this, as well as some alternatives to your running routine in future triathlon beginner posts.  Have fun!







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